Medical & Health Insurance Data Entry Services

VeeInsure Offers Electronic Insurance Data Processing Services, Data Entry services Outsourcing and Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Insurance companies have to constantly expand and build on their product offerings to remain competitive. They need to upgrade their technology and business tools to garner new customers, improve customer service, cut down expenses and manage vast amounts of information.

VeeInsure is the health Insurance claims Data processing division of Vee Technologies offering comprehensive healthcare insurance administrative solutions to Insurance Companies and TPAs. VeeInsure understands that Insurance companies are highly paper-intensive and face issues of document and information management and therefore offers specialized Insurance Data Entry services aimed at delivering quality, accuracy and speedy turnaround while addressing the clients need for document and data security and confidentiality.

Which Health Insurance Claims Data Entry Services Outsourcing Solutions Are Right for Your Company

Outsourcing Insurance data entry services and health insurance form processing to VeeInsure enables the client to focus on its core competencies. VeeInsure ensures accurate and reliable data entry via various tools and methodologies based on project specifications and the clients requirements. VeeInsure undertakes double data entry, field validation and re-key verification to ensure accuracy.

The Insurance claim processing and data entry services is carried out by a team of trained and experienced personnel who have a thorough understanding of medical claim forms and Information Technology. The company has structured its workflow and staff to achieve a turnaround time of 24 hours. It is among the best insurance data entry companies that uses the latest industry technology to key thousands of documents each day from multiple formats. It employs the most skilled operators and technicians, who are supported by its in-house programming and technology teams and quality control staff, for its insurance Data Entry Services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Claims Data Entry Services to VeeInsure:

  • The client can focus on its core competency area while outsourcing its insurance data entry and insurance data processing to VeeInsure.
  • High volume data entry can be completed within the preferred time frame without taking on additional man power.
  • Cost Saving in terms of reduced manpower, lower computer and software costs, and timely completion of jobs.
  • Improved access to critical information and elimination of tasks associated with filing, retrieving, copying and storing paper documents.
  • Reduction in missed revenue opportunities due to excess workflow.
  • Compliance with ISO standards and HIPAA.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities, thus increasing accuracy rates and productivity.
  • Client defined output formats received and return delivered through dedicated T1, VPN (Virtual Private Network) or secured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites or digital media.
  • Validation of critical data such as provider, member and diagnosis code using data from the transaction system.
  • Real-time status reporting via the Internet.
  • 12 24 hours turnaround time guaranteed.
  • Scalable 365, 24 X 7 global operations.
  • 99 percent accuracy rates.

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